Shipping Charge
Don't pay for shipping... We ship almost all our products for FREE to countries in the world except for a few countries. Just part of our vision for the customer friendly online store. The average delivery time from date of order is several business days.
When I attempt to purchase an item, I make an error. What’s going on?
There are a few reasons this might happen. We recommend you try paying with a card via Guest Checkout without logging in to your account. Remember that Guest Payments cannot be made using email/ card details which are already registered with existing accounts. In this case, either customer needs to log in to their account & try to pay or try with different cards which are not a part of any account. 
Who Pays Customs Fees?
When a package ships internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed (e.g. handling fees) by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country. In general, the buyer is responsible for paying the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees to their customs of destination country. When a package ships locally, buyers are free from paying customs or import fees.